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Field of Screams You must arrive minutes prior to your ticket time in order to enter the Field of Screams within your 30 minute window. Escape Shack - Haunted Spurlock Home.

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This ticket is for the mini escape room experience "The Escape Shack" located at the Field of Screams. Escape Shack - The Seance Room. Important: This is not a ticket to Field of Screams. When you enter The Seance Room, you will immediately find yourseld in the mystical world of. Once the doors lock you will begin your comm Escape Shack Escape Shack - NEW! The Seance Room. Social Sharing From Our Events. Driving through Mountville to get there, I expected a creepy abandoned vibe, but it seemed like a quaint little small town.

It was easy to find FOS and parking was seamless, with signs everywhere and staff directing you. Right away I could tell FOS was on another level from other haunted houses.

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The ticket queue and entertainment area are intricately decorated with large moving statues of skeletons and scarecrows. The concession area has your typical carnival food and had a lovely retro feeling. Order a pig intestine funnel cake and the staff are supposed to squeeze a pig toy and perform a song.

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One thing I especially loved was the ample picture opportunities. There was a free photobooth in the center of the park that emails you your pictures. All the cast and crew did an amazing job. There were even a number of people in costumes roaming around outside the attractions trying to catch people off guard. I saw a clown scare a woman so badly that she fell onto the ground laughing. The scare-actors in the houses did a great job of getting in your face without going over the line. But the touching was mostly hair petting or pulling. In the last house someone gently grabbed my sides in a way that I found oddly comforting.

I was blown away by the set decoration and animatronics. The Haunted Hayride and Nocturnal Wasteland in particular have really unique set pieces. The Hayride features multiple large animatronics including a pig head and a snake. Nocturnal Wasteland has a simulation that made it seem like you are walking through a river of toxic waste. The first house I did was also the scariest.

The theme of this attraction is a closed down, crumbling mental asylum whose murderous inhabitants refuse to leave — even after death.

Field of Scream - (Walk-Through POV) 2015 Haunted Hunt Club Farms

My companion and I went through the whole place with only two other people in our group which made it all the more terrifying. This house had some great designs, including a room full of people dressed as Silent Hill nurses with their faces incased in bandages. Like in the movie, you had to weave through the figures, not knowing which was a mannequin and which would reach out and grab you.

It took about 10 minutes to get through the house the longest 10 minutes of my life. Next up was Nocturnal Wasteland. This attraction is mostly outdoors, which made it feel less oppressive and claustrophobic. The theme is a kind of nuclear disaster area inhabited by mutants with a penchant for torture. The scariest part was actually the waiting area, where a masked man got the jump on me and a few other people. He would walk up and stand right behind you before bringing his face inches from yours.

Field of Screams

My favorite attraction was the Haunted Hayride. After a short wait in the loading zone, you board a wagon and sit on the floor facing the center. But Field of Screams surprised me again by having the wagon stop in various structures and then having doors close in the front and back of the vehicle.

After a quick set-up explaining the theme of the room, the lights would flicker and actors would jump onto the wagon and really get in your face. Some themes were more cohesive than others, but they were all fun. The scariest was the first room which had a slaughterhouse theme.

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The most original was the greenhouse room which had giant spiders, a moving snake head, and people-sized cocoons. The final attraction of the night was Den of Darkness. After two slightly less intense experiences, I was very nervous to do this one. Turns out my fears were correct because it was terrifying.