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You are advised to wear loose casual clothes, Comfortable footwear is advised. In case of corporate tie ups please bring your identity card and authorization letter.

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Any extra checks, investigation or consultant carried out more than your authorization will have to paid for. Shekhar Agarwal Received For more efficient knee Times Healthcare Achievers Award Patients Speak About Knee Best knee replacement surgeon Patient Speaks: Dr. Very helpful, and goof staff. Everything is very good as for as my operation is concern. Doctors and staff showed Department of orthopaedics is fully progressive and very efficient nursing staff caring and helpfull. Food can be improved a bit This can be identified well if you go to seek a doctor regularly.

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If you notice anything unusual in your body, this routine checkup can help you. Note down the things you feel is a little bit troubling you with respect to your health. Make sure you submit it to the doctor; this can help them prepare you for certain desirable tests. A health checkup will lead you to a direction closer to being fit and well maintained.

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Through the list you have submitted, doctors can assign you some selective blood test , rather than full body checkup. This is ok to some extent but it is better recommended to go for a full body check. There is no standard or fixed cost associated with it. It differs from person to person, doctor to doctor and place to place as well.

If we talk about specifically Delhi, it varies from to Rs. There is another advanced and healthy package full Body Checkup Cost as well that is of about 20, This advanced checkup also includes advanced test related to cancer and food allergy etc. With this checkup, you are basically investing your money into healthy living. For long better life, one has to ensure that they do not suffer from serious or minor illnesses. This body checkup is a significant way to improve living. In fact, even the cost associated with it is pretty affordable if you plan it out and save every month.

However prices may vary from city to city.

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Generic selectors. It is an alarming event in Delhi and it is high time the city gets control over its pollution problems. The report also revealed that in the age group of years, which constituted In the working professional age group of years, the top causes were cardiovascular disease, transport injuries and neurological disorders. One in every third child in Delhi has reduced lung function and high tendency for increased pulmonary haemorrhage.

These are the fatal effects of air pollution in Delhi and needs immediate attention. Please leave this field empty. A report released by the United Nations Population Fund and HelpAge India states that the number of elderly persons is expected to grow to million by Delhi alone has elderly population of more than 12 lakhs.

With fast changing socio-economic and demographic scenarios, the trend of nuclear families and the changing traditional value system has also changed the way people look at elders today. All this has forced the aged group to migrate to the Old Age homes.

Senior Citizen Health Check-up Packages Delhi & Bangalore.

The major reason for their migration was mentioned that these people felt isolated in their present families as they could not adapt themselves to the changing situations. As age catches, people tend to lose the strength they possessed in their young age.

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Slowly, ailments start showing up that may turn into deadly and fatal diseases in these older people. With the advancement of medical science and comfortable lifestyle, a 60 year old can live 20 more years with a greater life expectancy.

But with the increased life expectancy, maintaining good health in old age is a major problem. Medical expense is the major expenditure in Old Age. Diseases in the old age are very common.

Preventive Check Up Deals in New Delhi

Old age people need to be checked regularly for health ailments as many symptoms may be diagnosed for diseases that may affect them in near future. Luckily, with all the technological advancements in the medical diagnostic field today, all the major diseases, like mentioned above can be diagnosed at an early stage. Early diagnosis can help in early treatment and this not less than lending life to the elderly people. This will definitely help them suffer less with the diseases and also save on the huge amount to be spent on treatment cost. Bookmyscans has the best package to provide which can help you take care of your old parents.

These full body checkup packages helps in detecting diseases much earlier than they show up their symptoms. A regular health checkup can help your parents fight diseases early and improve their quality of life. This Master health checkup package include 86 major tests and of all the necessary blood, urine and imaging scans tests to analyze the present condition of the body. The most common problems older people face are, feeling marginalized, very little or no access to medicines and healthcare facilities, concern for security of their life and property, financial problems and no work opportunities, restricted mobility and psychological problems due to loneliness.

Elderly people need attention and care like children. Centuries ago, the only way to make a positive diagnosis to find out neurological disorders was to perform an autopsy after the patient died. But thanks to the researchers for their intensive research, that has helped the doctors with some commanding tools that can see inside the living brain and observe nervous system activity as it occurs.

This has also helped the doctors to analyze diseases and to test how well a particular treatment may be working. This is no doubt challenging.