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That might sound counterintuitive, especially in Asia. The export-led region is facing the brunt of supply dislocations as the U. As production moves from one country to another, transactions that need to be greased with money or credit will occur somewhere else. The company would be tempted to accept money from Citigroup even for days if doing so helps to keep its domestic bank-financing lines unencumbered.

Industrials Investment Banking: The Complete Guide

In a two-part series about virtual banking — the hottest new thing in Asian finance this year — my colleague Nisha Gopalan and I concluded that corporate cash management may be a more lucrative bastion than retail for the digital warriors to storm. It may not be impossible for an online-only bank to operate in more than countries, deal with heavy penalties in case it flouts sanctions or gets dragged into a money-laundering scandal, and over time build its own war chest of deposits.

None of this means that traditional transaction bankers can rest easy. This age-old landscape is changing fast.

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The consumption of a Netflix movie or a Spotify song is purely digital. Deloitte estimates that by , more than a third of all consumption in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia will be done by people born after The spending of digital native generations — Y and Z — will be light on materials.

Citi: Belt and Road Initiative: Key Considerations for Corporates in Asia

If you want to bank Uber Technologies Inc. Many things in the new digital supply chain will be done more efficiently by non-banks. Deloitte cites the example of Traxpay, chosen this year by Edeka Group, a large German food retailer, to handle the working capital needs of its vendors. Platforms like Traxpay will still need banks. But the real profit lies in owning the client relationships, not in providing money.

Citi Investment Bankers Cautiously Optimistic

The largest companies in the world are getting bigger. Dozens of banks attended Global Finance magazine's transaction banking award ceremony in the iconic Gherkin Building. Citi is active in more than countries, with an office on the ground in 98 of them.

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Dickson is based in New York and Falco in London. They have a combined 50 years of experience at Citi.

Standard Bank and Citi have highest earnings from investment banking fees

The bank is among the top in the world with public sector clients and has identified investing in infrastructure as a major global trend. We are looking at how technology and mobility are augmenting smart cities of the future. Markets have become more volatile with the US-China trade war, Brexit uncertainties and geopolitical risks, the Citi bankers say.

It is also taking longer for deals to be approved because of changing regulations, Falco says. Meanwhile, because of Brexit, a new strategy has to be created for the UK and the rest of Europe. In , Citigroup ranked third in the United States for outstanding credit-card loans, with an Total loans at the third-largest U.

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Leading into the reporting season some analysts feared that net interest margin would peak since the Federal Reserve signaled it would not raise interest rates this year. On a call with analysts, Mason said that a rate cut or the absence of a rate hike would not have a material impact on results for the year. Discover Thomson Reuters.